Legacy of J.J. Stokes, Deerfield ’92

Jatasho Jantoine Stokes April 9, 1974 – May 23, 1991 “A Scholar, an Athlete, A Friend…” STOKES FOUNDATION was established 2010 in service of students in need and in loving memory of J.J. Stokes, who tragically passed away during his junior year in high school at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts.  J.J. Stokes was that student on campus with a radiant positive energy and infectious smile.  J.J. was a remarkable student in the classroom, outstanding athlete on the field of play, talented musician within the ensemble and a dynamic dancer on the performance stage.  Coming to one of the nation’s top preparatory high schools from Gary, Indiana, he touched the lives of all who were blessed to call him dearest friend or even briefly make his acquaintance. He continues to touch lives exponentially through Stokes Foundation’s philanthropic work and direct service to under-resourced school communities.  J.J.’s was a life full of potential that was lost prematurely, however he is survived by his many friends and classmates, his parents, siblings and family including his beloved step-father and even his great-grandparents as we gather the resources and critical mass to build a nationally-renowned philanthropic organization over 25 years after his passing.  

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